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Healthcare days

Execution date Topic
1 21st of January Influenza prevention and acute respiratory diseases day
2 18th of February Genital infections prevention day
3 1st of March Drug abuse struggle international day
4 24th of March Tuberculosis struggle world day
5 2nd of April Information's dissemination about autism world day
6 7th of April Healthcare world day
7 21st of April Heart disease prevention day
8 25th of April Malaria's struggle world day
9 1st of May International «Asthma-day»
10 5th of May Hand hygiene world day
11 15th of May International family day
12 20th of May Thyroid diseases world day
13 31st of May Tobacco-free world day
14 14th of June Blood donor's world day
15 7th of July Alcoholism prevention day
16 21st of July Dental diseases prevention day
17 28th of July Hepatitis struggle world day
18 18th of August Healthy diet day
19 10th of Septemnber Suicide prevention world day
20 15th of September School pupils world day. Visual impairment prevention
21 28th of September Rabies struggle world day
22 1st of October Elderly people international day
23 10th of October Mental health world day
24 14th of October Mother's Republic day
25 15th of October Clean hands' world day
26 14th of November Diabet struggle world day
27 17th of November "No smoking" world day. Oncological diseases profilactics day
28 1st of December AIDS struggle world day
29 15th of December Injury prevention world day