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The algorithm of paid medical services rendering in health care institution «Mogilev regional pathoanatomical Bureau»

Information about the cost of medical services is located at the information booth in the lobby of the Bureau.
And also at the Bureau's website in the section «Paid services».
The registration statement and the contract on paid medical services rendering is made at the cash Desk located on the first floor in the funeral services store room, from 8:00 to 17:00, Monday-Friday. At the conclusion of the contract, the citizen is obliged to have at itself the passport or other identity document.
Payment for paid medical services rendering can be produced:
  • cash or by credit card on the terminal
  • mode of operation: Monday-Friday 8:00 to 17:00;
  • in any branch of the Bank by money resources transfer to the settlement account BY87AKBB36320148903897000000, OJSC "ASB" Belarusbank UNN 790209665, OKPO 291894617000, Bank code AKBBBY21700
  • using the Internet in the calculation system of«RASCHET» Calculation
Admission on a fee basis at a certain time.
Medical assistance is made after the payment of services by the citizen.
The receipt must show the doctor.


To receive a medical death certificate need contact the staffroom and have the following documents:

  • the passport of the deceased person
  • the passport or the other document, to identify the person, which get the death certificate

Copies of post mortem studies and its integral perts are given only according to state authority's official requests

Results of histological micropreparations and blocks of raw material are given only according to the attending doctor written request with the personal signature and seal

Results of histological researches to patient's hands are could not be given (according to the order of Ministry of health of the Republic of Belarus № 111 from 17.06.1993)

Ritual supplies shops

Products full range, need for the funeral ceremony at the most affordable prices

  • №1 Mogilev, Byalynitsky-Biruly street, b.12. tel.8-0222-76-31-85

    (the building of a morgue is near the healthcare institution "Mogilev Regional Hospital")

  • №2 Mogilev, Botkina street, b.2. tel.8-0222-22-72-82

    (the building of a morgue is near the healthcare institution "Mogilev Ambulance City Hospital")

  • №3 Mogilev, Pavlova street, b.2. tel.8-0222-75-18-30

    (the building of a morgue is near the healthcare institution "Mogilev Hospital №1")

  • №4 Bobruisk, Proletarskaya street, b.50. tel.8-0225-75-15-78

    (the building of a morgue is near the healthcare institution "Bobruisk Ambulance City Hospital")